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  1. April21 Jan 09, 2011

    i love all the pictures...they're pretty:D

  2. EevaLeena Apr 25, 2009

    My Newest Vector Wall: 2 of the Kind

    merged: 07-07-2009 ~ 10:11am
    My Newest Vector: Eien no Negai

    merged: 08-15-2009 ~ 05:04pm
    My Newest Vector Wall: Yuzurenai Negai

    merged: 10-08-2009 ~ 05:50pm
    My Newest Vector Wall: Anata no Tameni - ver. Knight of Zero

    merged: 12-27-2009 ~ 08:58am
    My Newest Vector Wall: Beautiful Stranger

    merged: 04-02-2010 ~ 06:24am
    My Newest Vector Wall: angel of mine

  3. Kairi-Hearts Apr 03, 2009

    Newest Work
    .:Kimi Dake Wo:.

  4. erikamirou Mar 02, 2009

    merged: 04-01-2009 ~ 08:30pm

  5. EevaLeena Feb 28, 2009

    My Newest Work: The King & I

  6. fate-chan14 Feb 15, 2009

    My Newest Scanies:

  7. rika23 Feb 11, 2009


  8. erikamirou Jan 29, 2009

    waahh ty >< it's gorgeous! *___* added to the gallery ;)

  9. EevaLeena Jan 29, 2009

    Thanks for adding me, erika-chan! (and this is for you too!)

    My Newest Vector Wall (YAY! My 100th!): Divine Love

  10. erikamirou Jan 19, 2009

    Wooow nice work Zaza-san! ^^

    My new work ^^

    merged: 01-26-2009 ~ 10:57pm

  11. Zaza4 Jan 13, 2009


    This is my first new vector.

    The new wallpaper.

  12. erikamirou Nov 17, 2008

    merged: 12-03-2008 ~ 02:35pm

    merged: 12-11-2008 ~ 10:09am

    merged: 01-05-2009 ~ 02:53pm

    merged: 01-08-2009 ~ 10:17pm

  13. MiMi Nov 14, 2008

    mm.. i think is tamaki and haruhi from ouran high school host club XD

  14. OriginalQueenofAnime Nov 13, 2008

    This has been bothering me since I first came to this group, but I keep forgetting to ask: What anime is the welcome picture from? (And also the avatar too?)

    Can someone please tell me? :(

  15. erikamirou Nov 12, 2008

    Muahahahahahhah XD Kyon-kun!

  16. meanpunk7777 Aug 16, 2008

    this is so hot!

    merged: 10-30-2008 ~ 09:46pm
    how sexy is this man.

  17. MiMi Jul 31, 2008

    Hi fan-girls, can you be affi with my other groups: vocaloid2 wallflower-a-holics ?

  18. Kairi-Hearts Jul 23, 2008

    oof! I'm back~
    If everything goes as I planned, I'll add more content and update the group in a week XD of course I'll need erika's help for that though.
    in the meantime, I'm sharing my newest work with you, because I'm such a Kamui fangirl <33
    Newest Work .:Bubbles of Happiness:.

  19. erikamirou Jul 14, 2008

    ooohhh God! >___<
    Since Kairi-chan is busy with exams, I can't do much here ^_^''''

    Since you ask, yeah, that sould be a good subject to put on the content XD
    But anyways, ever thought about meeting a character? or pretend your talking with him/her, or imagining things like that? XD Well, that's called to Fangirl XD For example, You like a character a lot, and everytime you find a scan of him/her you get all happy and *KYAAAAAAA* about it, that's fangirl XD I'm a huge fangirl of Syaoran-kun XD (the clone, not the real Syaoran... I hate the real Syaoran... -___- )Everytime i find a good artwork of him I get all *KYAAA* and X3 X3 X3 XD XD

    That's being a fangirl XD and this group was born for that reason, to Fangirl XD

  20. MiMi Jul 13, 2008

    wa.. the group is being on hiatus... TT'

  21. Rue-chan Jul 08, 2008

    Kinda hard to answer that.... ne? X-P

    Well Mayb Admins should put it up on the group page as part of the content?

  22. riku1212 Jul 05, 2008

    whats a fangirl or who is a fangirl?

  23. Kairi-Hearts Jul 03, 2008

    oh my!
    I haven't passed by here for ages.
    I'm finally on vacation and I'm finishing a few projects, then I'll try my best to add some content to the group >.<

  24. MiMi Jul 01, 2008

    Hi! Haven't posted in this group for a while.. ^_^' how have you been doing? ;)

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